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Medical Cannabis or Recreational Marijuana

Now that “recreational marijuana” has taken effect in California, many people are confused about if they still need the medical cannabis letter of recommendation.

It all depends…  If you are only using small amounts, in your home, perhaps you don’t need the medical cannabis letter.  However, if your medical needs require larger amounts, and you plan on carrying the medicine with you, it is for sure better to have the letter of recommendation.

Although medical marijuana has been “legalized,” there are numerous conditions.  Most people who only looked at the ballot information sent out prior to the election, and saw two brief paragraphs, might not have realized that the law was 65 pages of bureaucracy, with lots of caveats for the recreational user.  Read the law yourself!

Serious medical cannabis users, in my medical opinion, still need their letter of recommendation as per the Compassionate Use Act, Proposition 215!

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