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Medical Board Hearing Appears To Go Well

Folks, I just finished the in-court part of my hearing before the Medical Board (see my blog of 7/3/18).  There were 3 days of their two experts (and lack of witnesses) and my witness and two experts.  Now, closing briefs will be prepared, then rebuttals, then a month for the judge to prepare the ruling, so the final ruling won’t come before mid-October.

I was persecuted/prosecuted for having the temerity to diagnose a five year old with a serious mental illness and recommend cannabis as a treatment.  Their experts explained the theories of why what I did was wrong and “extreme departures from standard of care.”  My witness, the father of the patient, said I did the right thing, and why, and that even the teacher said of the child’s improvement under my approval, “Finally, a doctor got it right the first time!.”  She was referring to the fact that the other kids were given the drugs commonly given, that don’t work and/or have horrible bad reactions.

My experts said I did the right thing the right way, and did not violate standard of care.  Dr. Jeff Hergenrather, president of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians (a founding member as am I),  discussed his use of cannabis in about 25 children, the youngest one year old, with great results and no problems.  He discussed the science of cannabis, including the endocannabinoid system that exists in all the animal kingdom (except insects)!  Many diseases and conditions (including mental/emotional) are now being understood as endocannabinoid deficiencies, explaining why cannabis works in so many different situations.  The endocannabinoid system is less developed in children in the central nervous system, so it has few psychoactive effects.  He debunked the Board’s experts claims that cannabis is dangerous in children.

I think it will be hard for the judge to rule against me.  We just have to wait and get on with our revolutionary work with medical cannabis, the Gateway Herb to Natural Medicine!

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