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Dr. Eidelman On Sabbatical, Dr. Arkady Stern Covering His Patients

Dear Patients and Friends,

Yes, I’m going on sabbatical for an unknown period of time.  Hopefully a few months or less, could be more.

In the meantime, Dr. Arkady Stern will cover and continue to protect my patients under the Compassionate Use Act.  If you have been my patient, now you are Dr. Stern’s patient!  Thank you, Dr. Stern!  Just as I have been amazingly educated by you, my patients, I’m sure Dr. Stern will also be grateful to have such a wonderful group of patients.

Many people believe that with the new laws, they don’t need the letter of recommendation/approval.  However, for various reasons, it’s still a good idea.  It is still necessary if you are growing or possessing more than the amount allowed by Prop 64.  It still protects you in a variety of situations.  Should federal law ever intervene, the letter would be very important.

Dr. Arkady Stern’s address is 425 S Fairfax, #302 (entry on Colgate), Los Angeles, very near the Farmer’s Market/Grove.  His phone number is  (323) 954-0231, but you can still call 323-463-3295.

I hope to back soon.

William S Eidelman, M.D.


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