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Dr. Eidelman Loses Appeal, License, For Now

It grieves me to tell you that the Medical Board was victorious in the first round of appeal of their revocation of my medical license.  They say they did this to protect the public.  Yeah, right!

Because of this, I have had to close my office. I apologize to all my patients and would-be patients for the inconvenience and harm this causes to you.

The media got a hold of the story when the Board first ordered my license revoked, even though at that time there was a verbal order from a Superior Court judge postponing the revocation until I had a hearing on the appeal.  A hearing of sorts sort-of happened, with a different judge, who ruled in the favor of the Board, thereby putting the revocation into effect.  I expected to win, and I still expect to win on the next level of appeal.  But at the moment, I’m in the losing column relative to my license.  And the appeal process at the next level takes a long time.

I will post information here as updates happen, including other doctors to contact for support and follow up.


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