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Brainmaster: A New Way To See Your Brain

Many of you have heard me talk about Brainmaster, a brain-mapping technology developed for neurofeedback. It enables you to see a map of the electrical activity in all the frequencies in all the parts of the brain, in real time.

There is a normative database, that has what is normal for each frequency in each part of the brain. The maps show where you are out, or far out, of the normal. When you know, given the part of the brain, that this is a problem for you, there are different ways to use feedback to bring the brainwaves back towards normal, which by the way fixes the problem. That’s neurofeedback!

Here is an excellent TED talk by someone who used this technology regarding her love life.

We are now launching Brainmaster in our office.

We have three ways you can participate at the beginning.

One: If you want to get an evaluation of your brain, perhaps just to verify what you think you know, debunk (or prove) what others might say in their loving or friendly criticisms, or just to see for yourself what’s really happening.  Of course, you could follow up with neurofeedback, but just seeing yourself (your brain) as your is a good start for most people.

Two: Many of my patients are medical cannabis users, and there is a paucity of real information on what cannabis does to the brain. We would like to do evaluation sessions with cannabis patients, perhaps three different ones. First, unmedicated, then medicated, then wearing off medicated.

Three: Cigarette smokers (or any other kind of addicts) are invited to come in when they are high on the craving scale. First we’ll do the brain mapping evaluation. Then a treatment with Alpha-Stim, ten or twenty minutes. Then we’ll do another brain map to compare. The craving is gone after two minutes, but we like to anchor it. The longer you do it, the longer the craving stays away.

If someone really wants to quit, and they’re willing to participate with us by repeating the brain map every few days until the craving stops coming back, we’ll do it at no charge (except a deposit for taking the unit home with them, returned after they quit and give back the device).

I’m very excited to begin this new part of my career.  You are invited to come and play!

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