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The 5 Step Freedom From Addiction Program

1.    Decide you sincerely want to quit the drug. This means being able to say goodbye to others who don’t want to quit the drug. It means you are ready to leave that way of life. This is the hardest step, and the most important.

2.    Implementation of Cranial Electric Therapy (using the Alpha-Stim, a unique, FDA approved device), to be used at home or wherever, when cravings or other negative symptoms appear. Use might be frequent, even constant, during the first few days, then dropping down when possible to 20 minutes a day. Use of Cranial Electric Therapy can be expected to be long term at the 20 minutes a day or as needed. Regular use for six months to two years may be required to fully stave off cravings for the drug. Anytime cravings reappear, have some Cranial Electric Therapy. Sometimes, particularly with cigarettes, Steps 1 and 2 are enough to successfully quit.

3.    A series of Megadose Intravenous Nutrients. The major ingredient is a very large amount of vitamin C, but the many other nutrients play important roles. It is best to do this daily for the first ten days, then every other day for ten days. Then once or twice a week depending on need.

4.    Nutritional supplements and herbs to rebuild the nervous system that has been decimated by the addiction. We will recommend several excellent programs from which to choose, or you can build your own. The point is to supply all the nutrients your nervous system needs to repair, rebuild, and function as it is meant to.

5.    Love yourself and be loving to others. Love is the greatest healer. This step may need to involve some kind of psychotherapy, individual or group. Indeed, Step 5 should be the beginning (or continuation) of a personal adventure of inner discovery, discovering who you are. Exercises in meditation and awareness may be suggested, based on individual needs. Of course, Step 5 has spiritual overtones and undertones, because we are spiritual beings in essence. One is spiritual even if one doesn’t believe in it. (Believing that something is not true does not stop it from being true.) Step 5 becomes a life long adventure. Participants are not asked or required to believe anything. The lesson is to live life lovingly and aware. Spirituality then arises as a byproduct, not vice versa.
Step 4, nutritional supplements for the brain, will always be a good idea. You should plan on taking them for the long haul. They’ll help you every day. Step 3, intravenous vitamins, will always be a good idea, even if the need becomes reduced over time. At the beginning, it is critical. Step 2, Cranial Electric Therapy, may not always be necessary, though it is nice to have available in times of stress or pain. Some people find they don’t need regular use after three months, though most people will eventually encounter times when they’re glad to have it! Step 1, the decision to quit the addictive drug, may become just a memory as you move forward with your life. You are not required to see yourself as a lifelong addict. If you do, it is your choice to hold onto the idea. We believe that as you move with Step 5, you can be totally healed of the addiction. It can be as forgotten as a bad flu, or a case of appendicitis. Of course, there may be scars…. In some cases, people are pushed or forced into treatment before they’ve taken Step One on their own. Typically, the large failure rate of conventional addiction treatments are due to the fact that people don’t sincerely want to quit. They want to want to quit, but they don’t really want to quit, yet…. There are usually many “buts.” Steps Two through Four of the Program will cure people of the physical addiction. Without the agonizing withdrawal and the tortures of the cravings, it is possible to take Step One during the recovery. Step Five also becomes possible in the improved physical state allowed by Steps 2-4.