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QEEG Brain Maps: Breakthrough In Mental Health

I just spent 4 days at the 26th Annual Meeting of the International Society of Neurofeedback and Research (ISNR).  Neurofeedback is an approach that is able to train your brain to heal itself!  There are paradigm-shifting breakthroughs happening.  I was lucky and amazed to talk to and hear from psychotherapists using QEEG Brain Maps to guide feedback to parts of the brain associated with problems, describing results that surprised and shocked even them, in a good way.

Modern day QEEG brain maps give a unique and unprecedented view of brain activity.  All the frequencies in all the brain can be seen in real time, and compared to “normal.”  Parts of the brain that are related to mental and emotional problems show departures from the “normal.”  No matter what you do to make it normal, when it’s normal, this will show up in the brain map.  Neurofeedback teaches the brain to go towards normal.  The brain does this, without great effort on your part, because it wants to heal.

Think of having a cut on your body.  The cut heals.  The body heals itself.  “You” don’t have to take much action, other than to support it (keep it clean and protected while it heals).  The brain, too, wants to heal itself.  A healthy brain is happy and loving.  When it is not happy and loving, it wants to heal itself, but most people don’t create the situation where the brain can just heal itself.  Instead, we throw dirt on the wound, or let someone else do it, and we create many obstacles for its healing.  Of course, we’re not aware of it, and don’t want to look at it, but that’s what happens for almost everybody.

QEEG brain maps give new insights into how your brain is working.  In neurofeedback based on one’s own brain maps, the brain is given signals to guide it to balance.  And balance it does.  The result is that people’s ADHD is healed, their anxiety is gone, their depression is gone, they are able to sleep for the first time in years.  One experienced psychotherapist told me that he has about a 90% success rate in depressed patients who had failed other therapies, including drugs.

Brainwaves (EEG) have always, until now, looked like little squiggles that don’t make much sense.  Neurologists (and some psychiatrists and psychologists) learn to make some sense out of them, but the computer analysis gives a whole new look, literally and figuratively!  Now, you can know exactly what is going on in your brain.  You can do the map, and then should you choose, you could do neurofeedback to heal yourself.  Self-assessment is always a good idea.  Blood tests and xrays are helpful in staying healthy.  Brain Maps are the latest breakthrough in understanding your own brain to get and stay mentally healthy.

Psychiatry and psychology have long been considered unscientific because of the lack of objective parameters for evaluating the brain and the mind.  To make matters worse, methods of psychotherapy did not prove effective in relieving mental and emotional suffering, and there was no way to assess the actual state of the person being treated.

When neurotransmitters were discovered, it seemed scientific, and people were hopeful this approach could provide the answer.  However, the focus on drugs and the failure of conventional medicine to look at nutrients led to failure, on the whole.  And while they were failing, for the most part, and even making many people worse from the side effects of the drugs that weren’t helping them, most psychiatrists just dropped psychotherapy, leaving it to lesser mortals (in their minds) such as psychologists, social workers, and clergy.

Brain imaging has been evolving for decades, but the images were only helpful in finding gross things like brain tumors.  Mental health has been not diagnosable through brain imaging.  However, now, with QEEG Brain Maps, we can see brain activity more than ever.  Certainly, much more is yet to come, but the door is open.  Now, mental problems can be observed on the maps, and you can easily learn to make them go away.

We’re using what we believe to be the leader in the field of Brain Maps and Neurofeedback, Brainmaster and BrainAvatar.  Hope you’ll come and check it out!  Find out the state of your own brain!

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