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Integrative Addiction Conference Aug 22-24

I will be speaking at the first Integrative Addiction Conference in Myrtle Beach, SC, on August 22-24.

The office will be closed Aug 21-22, then reopening as usual Tuesday Aug 26.

I will be speaking about my work with cigarette addiction.  As many of you know, back in June, 2006, I discovered that the Alpha-Stim melts the need for a cigarette in two minutes, nearly every time, nearly without exception.  In the past nine years, I’ve probably hooked up close to 9000 people craving a cigarette.  The results are the same — the craving completely disappears in two minutes in 94%, and the physical part disappears in 6%, but this group could still want want anyway.

In all these years, I’ve come to understand the psychology of smokers and addiction, in such a way that many people are able to make a sudden change in their mind.  The change is a shift in identity.  They were smokers, now they are non-smokers!  This is based on the Psychology of Awakening, whose main tool is mindfulness!

I’ll be elaborating on these things at the conference.

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