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Healing Healer

Instructions for Hands-On Healing


Part One :  Learn the Resonance Balancing Meditation, which enables you to instantaneously generate strong healing energy.


Part Two:  Learn how to effectively apply the healing energy, so that you can get the best results of pain relief, stress reduction, and catalyzation of the healing process.


Please read all instructions carefully, and follow them carefully.  You will be pleased, and so will your friends and loved ones.  Disclaimer


Part One:  The Resonance Balancing Meditation


The Basic Secret

            The Resonance Balancing Meditation is the basic secret for generating a powerful healing energy.

            While you are doing this meditation, your bio?energy field will assume frequencies that have demonstrated strong healing properties.   While you are breathing in the rhythm of this meditation, the bio-energy flowing from your hands will catalyze the natural healing process in those whom you touch.  In the next few paragraphs, we will describe the meditation itself.  This will be a kind of initiation into the meditation. Part two will describe how to maximize the therapeutic effect of your touch

            Once you’ve gone carefully through Parts One and Two, we will tell you how to use it to treat various conditions.

            The Resonance Balancing Meditation dates back at least 5000 years.  It has been used by mystics in Tibet, India, Persia, and indeed all over the world.   Although the primary purpose of the meditation is usually to increase inner awareness and balance of life energy, it also creates a specific healing energy flowing through the hands.


Before You Begin For The First Time

            Normally it is best to create the appropriate atmosphere and environment for meditation.  But, since you’ll be reading the computer, you may be sitting in your usual computer chair.  Or print out this page, and take it to a more quiet, comfortable space.  The process, the first time, should take about twenty minutes.

     **  Ask others in the house to leave you alone.

     **  If you have an answering machine for your telephone, turn off the ringer and turn down the volume of the machine.

     **  Close the door of the room so that no one will enter.

     **  Sit comfortably. 


Warm Up To Learning The Meditation – Step One

            Take a deep breath, and let it out like a sigh. Effortlessly allow it to be like a sigh of relief.  Take another deep breath, filling your belly and your chest.  Allow the breath to go deep into the belly and then to fill the chest.  When the breath is full, again let it out like a sigh.  Do this four more times, with the emphasis on a full in?breath, yet without forcing it, and on an effortless out?breath.  Now, for about five minutes, practice taking deep, full breaths, without forcing. Simply be aware of your exhale, without trying to control it.


Warm Up To Learning The Meditation – Step Two

            Take a full, deep in?breath, and then make a very long, drawn?out humming sound.  Normally, a full in?breath will take 3 seconds, and the humming can last 12 to 30 seconds.  The humming can be aloud or silent, depending upon where you are doing this – out loud is preferable.  The longer you draw out the hum, the better. Do this humming for five to fifteen minutes, preferably with eyes closed.  Be aware of sensations that may be occurring in the body.


      The warm-up described is for the learning process.  Once you feel that you are able to do the meditation as described below, you don’t need to do the warm-up.


Instructions For The Resonance Balancing Meditation

            Continue to breathe in the same rhythm of the hum (deep, fast in?breath, very long, drawn out out?breath), but now don’t make any sound.  Take deep breaths, filling the belly and the chest.  The in-breaths should take about three seconds.  Let the breath out in the same slow rhythm of the hum. The out-breaths should last 12 to 30 seconds.  It might feel like letting the air slowly out of a balloon.  Do this for ten to twenty minutes.  Do the last five minutes with eyes open.


It’s The Rhythm That Matters

            Breathe in through either the mouth or the nose.  Same for the out?breath.  It seems to be the rhythm that matters, not where the air goes in or out.  If you breathe out through the mouth, you might try to purse your lips, so that the lips provide a resistance to the air going out.  Do whatever feels the easiest and the most comfortable.


This Is an Inner Discipline

            Whereas we are not normally aware of our breathing, you will be very aware of this breath.  In this way, it can be considered an inner discipline.  Most people will be able to discipline their breathing in this way, for the short periods necessary (one hour or less at a time). You should practice it for at least a half hour per day.  If it is possible to practice it in the quiet, isolated, meditative environment, this will be ideal.  It is possible, however, to do it at any time.  You can even do it driving, although obviously, keep your eyes open!


For Almost Everyone, It Becomes Easy

            For many people, at the beginning the Resonance Balancing Meditation is uncomfortable.  With practice, in a short time (a few hours, perhaps spread out over several days) it becomes natural and easy.  Because breathing happens using muscles (the diaphragm and the intercostal muscles between the ribs), breathing in a new way is using muscles in a new way.  Any time we use muscles in a new way, it takes a short time for the muscles to adjust.

            For very few people, however, even with practice, it doesn’t become comfortable.  They don’t like it, simply enough.  Such people seem to be a very small minority.  So far, in seven years, having taught hundreds and hundreds of people, only two people have said they simply can’t do it.

            If you have done both steps of the warm up, and you’ve tried the meditation over a period of several days, and simply find it abhorrent, then I would like to thank you for trying it, and hope that you are able to glean something else appropriate to you in this little manual and the video. 

Don’t continue if you feel strongly it is not right for you. 



The Meditation May Be Easier While You Are Healing

            For many people, it is easier to do the meditation while you are applying the Resonance Balancing energy to another person.  If you find it difficult to do it just sitting by yourself, try doing it while you touch another person.  You can even try it while working on an animal like a dog or a cat.


It Is A Powerful Meditation

            While you are doing the Resonance Balancing Meditation, you might find that sensations are triggered in your body that you would describe as “flows of energy.”  You might not.  Simply be aware of your experience of your body.

            No matter what you subjectively experience, you can be certain that the meditation is having the desired effect on your bio?energy, that healing energy is flowing through your hands.

            You may find yourself become very relaxed and peaceful as you do the Resonance Balancing Meditation.  It is a powerful meditation to do on a daily basis for fifteen minutes to an hour a day, simply sitting alone, quietly, eyes closed.  Relax into the experience created by the meditation, without expectation.  It can be done eyes open, while driving down the highway, while watching television – whenever.  This is not a type of meditation where you become dissociated from your physical body.  Rather, it creates a state of relaxed alertness, which reflects an integration of the bodymind.

            From this base of an integrated bodymind, you can have deep access of dimensions of your sub?conscious and your super?conscious mind.  Your intuition is enhanced.



Part Two:  Therapeutic Use Of The Resonance Balancing Meditation


General Principles


The Treatment Space

            Ideally, it is best to have a separate space for doing your therapy.  If you are a professional, you will have your office treatment space.  If you are not a professional, you might want to have a separate space in your home, in a room or a part of a room which you use only for this purpose. Although a separate space is ideal, it is not necessary. Successful applications of bio-energy therapy can take place almost anywhere.

            It is probably easiest to do treatments on a massage table, so that you can be physically most comfortable.  Treatments can be given on the floor or on a bed.  Sometimes, treatments can be given to the recipient or “healee” in a chair.

            The therapeutic bio-energy will pass through clothes, so treatments can usually be given to healees with their clothes on.  It is best given through light clothing.  It the healee is wearing a sweater or heavy pants, and you need to work on those covered areas, it is best to ask him/her to remove them. If asking the healee to remove these articles of clothing is awkward or inappropriate, the energy can be successfully applied through the clothing.


The Healing Touch

            While you are doing the Resonance Balancing Meditation, your bio?energy will be flowing at the right frequencies and strengths for therapeutic applications.  During treatments, you should practice the Resonance Balancing Meditation continuously.  In general, it is advised to be quiet during the passing of the therapeutic energy – don’t talk while healing.  Of course, if you need to talk briefly, for asking questions, you may need to stop the meditation.  However, return to it once you’ve finished your question.

     It is best to pass the therapeutic energy to another person through your hands.  The energy flows two ways through your hands ?? out your fingertips and out your palms.  There are times you will want to touch the healee with your fingertips, and other times you will want to touch with your palms.

            When using your fingertips, it is best to use the first three fingers.  The reason is that the nerve serving the first three fingers (called the radial nerve) is larger than the nerve serving the last two fingers (the ulnar nerve).  Thus, more bio?energy flows through the first three fingers.

            It is possible to send the therapeutic energy to another person through your mind or your being, but we’ll talk about that later.


The Body Will Tell You Where To Touch

            Normally, in a completely healthy person, you can push as deeply as you want on any part of the body (with a few delicate exceptions), and no pain will be felt.  In people who are experiencing pain, however, if you palpate (gently poke around), you will find that areas around the pain are quite tender to the touch.

            There are points which, if you gently press, the healee will report as painful (sometimes with a flinch or a start).  Nearby areas will not be nearly so tender.  Often times, these are points on the acupuncture meridian maps, place which are out of balance.  If an acupuncturist was treating, needles might be placed at such points.  In some systems, these painful points are called “trigger points.”

            When you apply the Resonance Balancing energy to these tender areas, you will notice that (usually) within minutes the points become less painful to the touch, and within a short time, all negative sensations will be gone. 

            When these points cease to be tender to the touch, you can be sure that the body’s natural healing process has been activated.  In most cases, pain in the area will disappear, if not at the end of your treatment (which can be fifteen minutes to an hour long), then within the next few days.  In the case of severe injury or long standing pain, it may take a series of treatments for the pain to totally disappear.  However, even with severe or long standing pain, one treatment will sometimes suffice to trigger a complete healing.


            Hint:  In many cases, at first, a point will be tender near the surface. Sometimes, a light surface touch will cause the recipient to flinch.  As you apply the energy, the tenderness will decrease.  As you test the point, you will naturally be able to press deeper before pain is stimulated. Sometimes, the healee doesn’t realize that you pressed deeper, or that this time he/she didn’t flinch.  You will have to remind him/her of this, that the point is improving.  I like to test points frequently, as a way of keeping the healee involved in the process, and as a way of monitoring what is happening.


            Hint:  There are basically three patterns to the decrease of point tenderness.  Often, the pain will decrease gradually and steadily.  In this case, if it takes six minutes for the point to be pain free, after three minutes it will be half as painful as it was at first.

            Sometimes, the pain will decrease slowly, then suddenly it will drop off quickly.  In this case, if the pain takes six minutes to go away, it will be half as painful after four or five minutes.

            Occasionally, the pain will drop off quickly, but getting the last bit to go is difficult. In this case, it is not necessary to wait until all the pain is gone.  If approximately eighty percent of the pain is gone, it is usually good enough to move on.

            If there is still more than twenty percent of the pain left, I have found that the probability of the pain returning is high.  So I’ll keep at it until more has cleared out.


            Hint:  When you have been working on a person for a while, the energy has already started moving throughout the entire body.  Then, it becomes easier to treat points and areas.  If a point took six minutes at the beginning, an equivalently painful point would only take three minutes later on in the treatment.


            Hint:  Use both hands.  If an area is hurting, you will be able to find trigger points for both hands.


Let Your Fingers Do The Walking

            Although pain may be centered in one location, areas related to that location may be involved in the pain.  We’ll discuss this later.  However, this general principle will be usable again and again.  If you let your fingers “walk” over the body, you will come across trigger points which require application of Resonance Balancing.

            As already mentioned, these areas of tenderness may be acupuncture points where the flow of bio?energy is blocked, and the blocked area is tender. Resonance Balancing will stimulate the flow of energy through these blocked points.  This stimulation contributes to the over?all relaxation effect, and to the decrease of pain and illness in areas supplied by the acupuncture meridian.

            If you practice Resonance Balancing, you will become familiar with the major points of energy blockage, for nearly everyone will be blocked in the same places.


Pain Will Move

            It sometimes happens that pain or other sensations will move as you apply the Resonance Balancing energy.  It will usually move up or down the energy meridians.  When this happens, simply put one hand on the area where the pain has moved, while leaving the other hand where the pain began.  If the point where the pain started is no longer tender to the touch, then you can move that hand also.

            It is sometimes necessary to chase the pain throughout the body, until it is cornered and completely removed.


Pain May Intensify

            Pain will sometimes intensify while you are touching the healee.  This is especially true after an injury or in the case of chronic or recurring pain.  It is a usually positive sign that healing is taking place.

            Most often, the intensification of pain during treatment will last only a few minutes before it dissipates.  Usually it is not severe.   Occasionally the pain will be so severe that the healee has difficulty tolerating it, even for a short period.  In all cases, he/she should be reassured that within a few minutes, the pain will disappear.  This type of pain almost never lasts for more than a half hour.  The cause of this intensification is unknown, although it may be related to the reintegration of the “bio?energy body” to the local tissues.


The Energy Will “Cook”

            After a treatment, the energy will “cook” for several hours or days, and the healing process will continue.  In fact, it is common that more healing takes place after the end of the treatment than during the treatment.  It is typical that while the patient feels better at the end of an hour, he/she continues to improve afterwards.  Pain, stress, and other symptoms continue to melt and evaporate long after the end of the treatment.

            On the average, one third of the improvement occurs during the treatment, two thirds occurs afterwards, although there can be wide variation.


Pain May Arise Afterward

            In acupuncture and homeopathy, it is common that in the 24 hours following a treatment, symptoms can be accentuated before they improve. This is considered a good sign ?? normal.

            With Resonance Balancing, as mentioned above, it is not uncommon for pain to accentuate during treatment, but it is rare for symptoms to increase afterwards.  It does, however, happen from time to time.  It is not something to be alarmed about.  Again, reassure the healee at the end of the treatment that it might happen, and that it is part of the healing process.


Results Are Usually Cumulative

            The results of successive treatments are usually cumulative, so even if results from the first treatment are minimal or short-lived, repeated treatments may have a significant lasting effect. 

            It is best to try at least three to five treatments before you conclude that the therapy is not working in any individual.  Sometimes, results are not seen until nearly ten treatments.


Sometime It Works, Sometimes Not

            If you apply Resonance Balancing to one hundred people, you will find that in many cases you will get dramatic results, while in other cases, results will be temporary or less than dramatic.

            It is true that two people can come in with what appear to be identical conditions, and one person will respond dramatically while the other does not appear to obtain lasting significant improvement.  When this happens, all you can do is shrug your shoulders and be grateful for the good results which do happen.

            It is never appropriate to blame failure of Resonance Balancing therapy on the healee, even if it is an unconscious block on their part which complicated treatment!  One can never know for sure the actual reason why treatment doesn’t produce the desired results.  It sometimes happens that failure is due to complicating social or psychological factors, but it is impossible to know for sure when this is the reason. 

            There can be many other factors which prevent successful bio-energy therapy.  In some cases, exploration of dietary or allergic considerations will lead to improvement of the condition.  Other times toxicity (from one or more of too many ubiquitous toxins) can be the cause of the problem.

            Remember, if their doctor could have cured the person, they probably wouldn’t have needed you in the first place!

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