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Gluten-Free: Miracle for Some People

Gluten-Free:  Miracle for Some People

Gluten-free is the latest buzz-word.  Some think it’s the latest fad.  Some think gluten-free is a healing miracle, because the modern gluten is toxic for many or most people.  I happen to be in the last group.

I’ve been hearing about the dangers of wheat (to some people) for many years, but the evidence is piling up to the point that a normal, pastry-loving, pizza-loving, pie-loving (etc) person like myself could go gluten-free (in my sixth month).  Fortunately, I wasn’t feeling bad to begin with, and I was not taking any pharmaceuticals (still don’t), but I’ve had improvement in the several minor problems that had been annoying for many years (sinus congestion, complexion), and arthritis in my fingers of recent origin disappeared in a week, a foretold by Dr. Davis of Wheat Belly.

I’ve been encouraging patients who are sick with a wide range of problems to completely eliminate wheat, and some people are starting to listen and take action.  The results are as expected:  weight loss, especially the belly; reduced pain;  reduced autoimmune symptoms.

While it is true that occasionally someone will say that it didn’t make much of a difference, but these are much less common than those returning with effusive gratitude for the advice that they followed.

Will it be a miracle for you?  You’ll only know by trying it.  If you are sick enough, it might be worth the experiment.

For more information, check out Wheat Belly ( and Grain Brain

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