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Dangerous Drugs in the News

There has been a lot of news about dangerous drugs, that injure or kill millions of people per year.  Yes, these drugs are FDA approved and prescribed by your doctor.  Or you might take them over the counter with or without the doctor’s advice.

Statin drugs made the New York Times recently, with the headline, “Safety Alerts Cite Cholesterol Drugs Side Effects.”  After years of silence, FDA finally warned the public that memory problems, diabetes, and muscle pain.  They still forgot to mention that statin drugs can cause the worsening of cardiac muscle function, because statins inhibit production of CoEnzyme Q10, a necessary cofactor in the production of energy in the cell.

The third best selling class of drugs is Proton Pump Inhibitors, PPIs, for reducing stomach acid.  Natural doctors for years have said that because acid is a necessary part of the digestive process, eliminating acid would have long term consequences, in addition to short term consequences!  Reports are now coming in.  One such consequence is C. difficile diarrhea, which as the name suggests, is a difficult condition to suffer through and to remove, unless you’re a natural doctor!  In 2010, FDA announced that PPI’s may increase your risk of fractures of the hip, wrist, and spine.  There is also an increased risk of pneumonia.  Oh yes, and it’s not really that effective at treating the actual symptoms.  So you get a bonus:  You get to keep your symptoms, and you get new ones, and if you’re lucky, insurance pays for it.  Otherwise you pay for it.  Double.

Vaccines are turning out to be dangerous, though the exact reason remains elusive.  Perhaps there is more than one reason.  Some people (infants, children, and adults) may react to the mercury preservative.  But there may very well be other factors.  And, of course, there is evidence they don’t really work very well, if at all, at preventing infections.

Just to keep things in perspective about dangerous drugs.  In fact, foods, herbs, and spices are actually the best medicine, in most cases.

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