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Cure For the Health Crisis

The only solution for the health care crisis is to stay healthy.  If you are not healthy, then get healthy!

Our medical delivery system is really an illness care system, not a health care system.  Granted, in certain circumstances, modern western medicine can be miraculous.  But most of these are life-threatening emergencies.  Many of these emergencies are preventable.

The field of natural medicine has matured tremendously in the past thirty years, and now has overtaken so-called modern western medicine on many fronts, as demonstrated in clinical practices of a rapidly growing number of doctors.

For sure it is easier to prevent diseases than to cure them, but even for curing patients, the natural doctors would do better than the conventional ones if real tests were done.

Take heart disease for example.  About 8 months ago, a 47 year old patient of mine was told in the ER that he needed to have angiography and maybe bypass surgery.  When he refused, the doctor wrote on his discharge paper, “If you leave the hospital, you will die.”  He came to my office directly, went on my program for heart disease, began improving immediately, and within about three months was normal, including blood tests and blood pressure that had been abnormal before.  Eight months later, he is doing great, no hint of heart disease, leading an active life.

So do the math.  Had he gone the conventional route as “ordered” by the ER doctor, it would have cost around $30,000, plus expensive drugs and after care, not to mention the potential side effects and long recovery period.  In fact, it was because his mother had died as a “side effect” of the same treatment, he refused.  Cost of his natural treatment was about $200 per month for nutritional supplements.  Once well, he was able to cut in almost in half.  Basically, the disease care system (insurance companies and/or the government) was saved $30,000.  Ideally, insurance would have pain for his supplements, but insurance won’t pay for supplements, even if they cure you!

We have natural protocols for healing nearly condition.  These protocols may include supplements and/or bio-electromagnetic treatments, and usually changes in diet.

Nature has given us natural substances to heal ourselves.  Doctors and other scientists have been successful at putting together food and herbal extracts that work to make and keep us healthy.

Let’s take on the other Hippocratic Oath:  Let your food be your medicine and let your medicine be your food.  And yes, healing foods are found in pills, powders, and potions.  Educate yourself!

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