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Medical Cannabis – Lifesaver

Cannabis Can Be A Lifesaver

Many laypeople and even physicians think of marijuana as a light-weight medicine, at best. Okay, they might think, it helps people with nausea from chemotherapy (and many other causes), gives some appetite, relieves some pain, helps sleep, reduces anxiety — but it’s not a real medicine, it’s not a powerful medicine.

I beg to differ.

In individuals with cancer, aids, hepatitis, crohn’s disease (among others), patients often die because they are too nauseous, or simply don’t have enough of an appetite, to eat enough food to survive. Cannabis, in a large number of patients, literally saves their lives by enabling them to eat. In some cases, with the strength of this nutrition, they are able to get well. In others, it prolongs their lives by weeks, months, or years, not to mentioning improving the quality of life.

Cannabis Can Be A Quality-of-Life Saver