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William Eidelman, MD

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Cannabis Consultations

Medical Cannabis is permissible in California thanks to the Compassionate Use of Act of 1996

Medical cannabis relieves pain safely, without danger to your liver, kidneys, stomach, and other organs. Daily opiates, acetaminophen, or NSAIDs, with their risks and side effects, may not be a better, safer option. Medical cannabis may relieve your pain and reduce your anxiety better than regular medicines.If you have problems tolerating prescription or non-prescription pain relievers, or they don’t relieve your pain, or both, medical cannabis may be a safe, effective alternative. Or cannabis might enable you to reduce the doses.

You will be offered complimentary treatment in the office with cutting edge non-drug therapies for pain, depression, anxiety, and addiction. Most patients leave the office without the pain and stress they walk in with.

Dr. Eidelman has natural treatment programs for many of the diseases for which patients need cannabis. His knowledge, based on 30 years experience in natural medicine, is unique.

Dr. Eidelman specializes as a natural medicine consultant, including matters relating to medical cannabis.

Pursuant to the Compassionate Use Act, also known as Proposition 215, Dr. Eidelman will consult with patients who have serious illnesses or conditions for which cannabis provides medical benefit. If you have a serious illness, and can prove it by presenting prior medical records or the name and phone of a physician who can verify it, you can become a patient of Dr. Eidelman.

If you have a serious illness but without this type of verification, you can still see Dr. Eidelman,  who can evaluate your medical history and exam you to determine if you qualify as being “seriously ill” enough for cannabis.

Dr. Eidelman will also be ready to talk of other alternative methods for healing and relieving suffering.

The fee for a cannabis consultation is $250.