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The Mindfulness Miracle

Mindfulness started out as a Buddhist meditation.  It is now also a psychological method of its own, growing in acceptance so much that even Anderson Cooper reported on 60 Minutes about his own positive experiences. To be “mindful” means to be present in your own being right now.  At the most basic level it meansRead More

Welcome To My New Website

I’m glad to have a more modern, easy to navigate website.  It’s still in the early stages, and will doubtless grow and morph.  I’ll be explaining and introducing new, old, and wonderful ways to stimulate the healing process.  We have ways of melting pain safely.  Stay tuned! I hope you’ll come back often and checkRead More

Gluten-Free: Miracle for Some People

Gluten-Free:  Miracle for Some People

Gluten-free is the latest buzz-word.  Some think it’s the latest fad.  Some think gluten-free is a healing miracle, because the modern gluten is toxic for many or most people.  I happen to be in the last group. I’ve been hearing about the dangers of wheat (to some people) for many years, but the evidence isRead More

Healing Healer

Instructions for Hands-On Healing   Part One :  Learn the Resonance Balancing Meditation, which enables you to instantaneously generate strong healing energy.   Part Two:  Learn how to effectively apply the healing energy, so that you can get the best results of pain relief, stress reduction, and catalyzation of the healing process.   Please readRead More

Supplements Are Good For You

Supplements Are Good For You You might have heard that some alleged authorities in the news recently said that it is now proven that vitamin supplements aren’t helpful and may be harmful.  They say, “Don’t take any!”  I’ll explain to you why this is nonsense, and if you make the right choices, the more youRead More

Spice Your Life

Modern research is proving ancient wisdom.  Herbs and spices are full of healing qualities.  One of the spices at the top of the list is turmeric.  The active ingredient is believed to be curcumin.  Most of the research is on curcumin, and on “tweaked” versions of curcumin that absorb better and last longer in theRead More

Dangerous Drugs in the News

There has been a lot of news about dangerous drugs, that injure or kill millions of people per year.  Yes, these drugs are FDA approved and prescribed by your doctor.  Or you might take them over the counter with or without the doctor’s advice. Statin drugs made the New York Times recently, with the headline,Read More