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Health & Well-Being via Pulsed Magnetic Fields using QRS® Quantron Resonance System®
An Advanced Technology to Stimulate Healing, Relaxation, & Well Being

The QRS Quantron Resonance System unit is an amazing healing technology. It uses pulsating magnetic fields to stimulate the healing process.

The QRS uses very low-intensity, pulsating magnetic fields. After 20 years of research/development and about ten years of use in Europe, and five years of use in the United States, the QRS®, Quantron Resonance System, has shown itself to be very effective and very safe at stimulating healing. Some of the studies can be found here. The majority of the research is in German.

The QRS is a pad one lays on. The pad is connected to a computerized control panel that causes the pad to generate very gentle magnetic waves. These waves are in intensities that have been judged safe by FDA. Typical treatments are from 8-15 minutes, two to three times daily. In severe cases, additional treatments can be used.

The experience itself is very gentle. Some people say they have no physical sensations, though many report feeling subtle vibrations in the body. Usually, there is a sense of both relaxation and increased vitality after a QRS session. If there is pain or discomfort, often this is decreased.

Effects of pulsed magnetic field sessions will usually be cumulative. The body actually takes four to six months to maximize the effect of the magnetic waves. However, normally, one will notice a benefit early, sometimes within days. In most cases, benefit will be noticed within a month.

The QRS can be purchased for use in the home. Purchase includes 2 pads (1 large, 1 small) and a computerized control unit. The immediate effect is gentle, subtle. Results are usually cumulative.

Normally, positive results will be noticeable within thirty to sixty days, if not sooner. Although you may not be “completely healed” by the end of the sixty days, if you notice an improvement in your condition, then, based on our experience, you can feel confident that your condition will continue to improve with continued use of the QRS.

Our experience with this shows reduced pain, improved health, and prevention of disease for those who use it. It reduces or relieves many kinds of pain and inflammation. It reduces stress. And it stimulates a positive state of health.

How does the QRS work? Our theory is this: the pulsed magnetic waves stimulate natural electricity in the body, which themselves stimulate healing.

Diseases and painful conditions may disappear or improve, including: osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, migraine, herniated disc disease, back pain, heart diseases, injuries too slow to heal, colitis, Crohn’s disease, interstitial cystitis, overactive bladder syndrome, insomnia, depression. The QRS is used in cancer clinics in Europe.

We believe research will show the QRS protects against cancer and heart disease.

If you are interested in use of the QRS on your overall state of well-being,  please contact us: