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3/9/11 – Death Bed Nearly

I’ve had some interesting success stories recently. The most dramatic is a 46 year old man who about 10 days ago came into my office directly from the ER, where he had been told (and documented in his Against Medical Advice discharge) that if he didn’t have a bypass operation immediately, he was going to die!

He had been having a kind of diffuse pain around the upper torso and shoulders. Eventually, as it got worse, he went to the ER where he was put through a battery of tests that was convincing enough to the doctors there that they made the diagnosis of unstable angina, the early stages of a heart attack. That led to the threatening remark. His mother actually had died after such an operation, so he wanted no part of it. He came directly to me.

I put him on a combination of different nutritional supplements that have proven effective over the years, having been developed by great pioneers such as Dr. Garry Gordon. Within days our candidate-for-the-casket was dramatically better, even able to walk up my triple strength flight of stairs without chest pain, which he could not do since the onset of of his symptoms. Each day he is stronger and has less pain. We’ll see how it evolves, but looks very good so far!

On a different medical front, I am working with a particular megadose vitamin D3 chewable wafer (50,000 IU) that has dramatic, rapid effects on viral infections. I have seen in numerous herpes sufferers that responded immediately, within minutes to this megadose D3 wafer. In the early stages of an attack, where there is tingling, usually in an extremity, a wafer stops the tingling within minutes (okay, it could take up to an hour, but yesterday, a shingles case where the tingling has lasted 3 weeks, and the outbreak hadn’t occured, the tingling stopped in minutes! In a genital herpes sufferer. who also did a more general systematic detox, found the D3 stopped the tingling of impending attacks, sometimes in minutes, sometimes it persists for another hour or two, then disappears.

The D3 wafer works great for colds and flus, including, I strongly suspect (have no doubt) it will also work for swine flu or other strange new viruses coming down the pike. Sorry, doesn’t work for bacterial infections!

These are anecdotes, but they are great anecdotes!

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